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Tom's Writing Slope Restoration Project

Our Tom is a master of restoration work on such things as the poor old writing slope box we feature here.

We bring you the first six photos of the restoration project as it was presented to Tom in the latter months of 2019. You will see more as the work progresses - but for the moment check out the work that Tom is presented with.

The top of the writing slope
The top view of the damaged writing slope

 The internals of the writing slope
The internal view displaying some of the damage - retaining screw stuck

 Detail view of the damage
A close up view of more of the damage area

Showing corner damage
Showing the damage to one of the corners of the writing slope

Showing loose veneer 
This is what you call a loose veneer!

 Showing damage to the leather
A close up view of damage to the surface of the leather insert

Tom fixes the lock
Tom free's up the damaged retaining screw for the lock

Front view of restoration work so far 
Front view of restortation so far

 Decorative design work on lid
A close up view of the design work on the writing slope

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